Food Production Company

A large tomato producer with over $800 million annual sales supplies more than 40 percent of the national markets with tomato paste and diced tomatos.

The Challenge

The agriculture space comes with a host of risks – weather, pests, disease, etc. The last thing a farming operation needs is to have critical assets stolen or damaged, disrupting the harvest and jeopardizing revenue. That’s why one of the largest tomato producers in the US turned to Twenty20 Solutions to help prevent the theft of its high-value equipment and fuel at multiple remote farms.

The Solution


After completing a security audit of the farms, Twenty20 Solutions deployed a pilot program, in which we delivered our video surveillance solutions, at prioritized locations first, on portable skids. This allowed for quick and easy setup and the flexibility to move the surveillance skids from farm to farm using internal resources. Built to operate off-grid in areas with no cellular connectivity, our surveillance solutions are ideal for the remote farming operations. To help deter crime, the solutions include a “voice down” capability, which plays recorded messages and sirens when unauthorized individuals trespass, or at the command of an authorized user via a web-based dashboard. The company’s security personnel monitor the surveillance video and events in real-time, from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

The Results

Early in the pilot, the solution deterred transients from moving through areas where equipment is stored and maintained, and the overall risk of interruption to harvest operations has been significantly reduced. The company has adopted Twenty20 Solutions as a new security standard that will scale up or down with their needs throughout the year.