Few industries have more sites in remote locations than the energy and utilities sectors. Operational assets are scattered over hundreds of miles making it challenging to address maintenance or security issues.

Protecting the Energy & Utility Sectors

Energy and Utility operations like drilling sites, utility substations, dams, wind farms, and drinking water facilities are critical to our country's infrastructure. As these operational sites become more remote in location, they become harder to maintain and secure using on-site personnel. Therefore, implementing a robust security monitoring system that protects your site, equipment and employees with little to no power or connectivity is key.

Oil & Gas


High-value oil and gas equipment are prime targets for thieves, especially due to the remote nature and lack of security at most sites. From drilling sites and pipelines to saltwater disposal facilities and storage yards, operational assets are often scattered over hundreds or even thousands of miles with limited resources to address security or maintenance challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Security and automation solutions from Twenty20 Solutions allow you to monitor and react to threats and maintenance issues in real-time, before a loss or breakdown occurs. Regardless of where your operations are located, with or without electricity or cellular connectivity, the Twenty20 suite of solutions is designed to extend your reach and impact across your operational footprint. We leverage leading-edge technology to provide a variety of innovative solutions that give unprecedented visibility and control of your sites.

Our web-based platform enables you to view live footage of one or hundreds of your sites in a single, integrated system from any mobile device or computer. You can monitor your sites from thousands of miles away to ensure your operations are running efficiently and your assets are secure. Our technology provides the data you need to make real-time assessments and decisions with regard to security breaches, safety procedures, maintenance needs and more so you minimize costly downtime on your sites due to theft, vandalism or operational issues.


Oilfield Security & Monitoring 

Protecting public utilities goes beyond the security at an individual site; it’s a matter of public safety. Reliable security and 24/7 monitoring are critical for utility substations, dams, wind farms and drinking water facilities. These are all key subsets of our country’s critical infrastructure and require specific security needs to keep them safe, especially because most are in remote places and left unprotected.

Utility sites need constant surveillance to ensure they stay operational without any interruption in services. Theft of materials and vandalism not only require replacement and repairs, but also result in costly downtime of services to your customers. Many utility sites or substations lack the infrastructure needed to support most security surveillance systems, and on-site security guards are costly and often ineffective.​

Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of security options that do not require power or connectivity. Whether you need a mobile or fixed solution, Twenty20 is your go-to resource for surveillance systems that will help safeguard your sites against costly losses and incidents while keeping you apprised of all on-site activity.

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Oil and Gas Solutions

Control Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your lease with remote access control solutions from Twenty20. Video surveillance, access history and audit trails provide visibility to exactly who is on your sites and when to minimize trespassers and reduce crime.

Increase Site Efficiency

Slow down a pump jack or turn off a valve automatically or with a tap on your phone. Automate and control critical assets without truck rolls or lost productivity. Twenty20’s Automation and optimization solutions keep your equipment running efficiently to minimize downtime.

Solutions for Utilities & Gas
Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.


Gain total control over site activity to maximize productivity and efficiency with automated solutions.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Featured Case Study

Large utility companies require security to protect their high-value facilities and substations, reduce theft and minimize power outage risks from domestic terror threats as part of the Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure list. Specifically, the utility provider had identified a trend of increased theft during construction and expansion projects, when additional materials and equipment were on location at power stations. In response, the company implemented a new policy that required additional security at vulnerable substations, especially during construction projects.