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Protecting and optimizing your critical infrastructure.

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Oil & Gas

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Access Control

Vehicle and License Plate Recognition gives you the control to limit site access to only approved visitors and authorized personnel. Our remote surveillance gives you real-time threat detection at even the most remote locations and offers you the freedom to monitor your site with the surveillance solution that fits you best.

Video Surveillance

Our AI-enabled Comprehensive Integrated Security system keeps your facilities operating safely, offering you the peace of mind you need to stay focused on your business. Get real-time threat detection at even the most remote locations with video surveillance, viewable from a web-based platform through the device of your choice. Keep track of who enters and exits your facility with Object Control AI Traffic Monitoring and get alerted to any suspicious activity from our 24/7 monitoring center.

All-in-One Turnkey Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

$1 billion

Over $1 billion of tools and equipment lost to theft per year.


AI-based solutions cost at least 50% less than physical security guards and are proven to be more effective deterrents.

Electric Utilities

Man monitoring Novus™ IoT system
Monitoring & Automation

Gain full visibility of your site with our Novus™ IoT system, giving you the ability to identify any potential threats and take appropriate preventative measures. Our automated system remotely diagnoses any malfunctions and identifies equipment in need of repair or replacement, reducing liabilities and keeping your employees safe.

GateWatch™ Mobile vehicle access control gate
Access Control

Keep your operations running safely and efficiently with access control, ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed through access points to your facility. Vehicle and License Plate Recognition allows you to keep track of anyone who enters or exits your site, keeping your employees, equipment and sensitive data safe and secure.

Security cameras
Video Surveillance

Keep your operations running securely and efficiently with our AI-Enabled Comprehensive Smart Security system. Our video surveillance solutions give real-time threat detection, with events pushed to a web-based platform for you to view, at any time, from any device. Any suspicious activity or potential threats caught on camera will trigger an immediate alert from our 24/7 monitoring center, keeping you in control. Reduce theft and vandalism and identify potentially hazardous working conditions all from a single hub, with drastically lower operating costs to you.


Tractor Trailer Oil and Gas Trucks

Next Level Security in Action

Learn how a Fortune 1000 exploration and production company manages the access gate of 35,000 vehicles per year.


Each crossing is captured by the gate controller logs and video surveillance records from the SiteWatch™ camera system covering the gate. By using any web-enabled device, anywhere on earth, this customer can now monitor and audit the comings and goings of employees, contractors, landowners and visitors.


Next Level Security in Action

One of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the U.S. provides service to approximately 16 million people.

The video surveillance solutions, manned by Twenty20’s MMC team, have stopped multiple thefts and led to numerous arrests. The “voice down” functionality prevented one break-in altogether, saving the company not just the loss from theft but the damage from a forced entry.

NovusTM Platform viewed on a tablet

As providers of energy for large areas of population, it is crucial that your operations be kept running as efficiently and safely as possible. 


The Twenty20 Solutions Novus™ IoT system offers you 24/7 protection for your site, equipment, and employees, giving you full, real-time visibility of your site and immediately alerting you to any suspicious activity, malfunctioning equipment or potential hazards. Twenty20 Solutions makes it easier than ever to deter theft and vandalism, protect your employees, and mitigate compliance risks, ensuring at all times that your facilities are secure and operating as mandated by NERC standards.  


Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ IoT platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with Novus™ IoT
NovusTM IoT Platform automation on laptop
Monitoring & Automation

Our monitoring and automation solutions keep your facilities running efficiently and help decrease your operating expenses. The automated system keeps record of anyone who enters or exits your production site, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Our monitoring and automation extends to your equipment too, helping you to prevent accidents, minimize delays, and reduce your production expenses.

$200,000-$300,000 theft per month reported by businesses in the Permian Basin alone.
90% reduction in time spent reviewing incidents such as humans, vehicles, and license plates


AI-based solutions cost at least 50% less than physical security guards and are proven to be more effective deterrents.


Video surveillance, access control and/or monitoring can proactively prevent theft and assist law enforcement with the recovery of stolen property.

$2,600 average minimum cost of repairs due to vandalism.
Eliminating costs at their source lowers overall revenue loss, not just from repair costs but also downtime of equipment.


On average it will take 4-6 man hours taken for repairs.
Monitored solution allows for mitigation of damages, reducing or eliminating costly repairs.

4-6 hours

Average of 5 break-in attempts per site per month thwarted using Twenty20's monitoring service.