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Campus Safety

Proactive security practices help administration and teachers adjust to constantly-changing school security needs.

An unfortunate reality of our world today is gun violence in our schools. More than ever, it is crucial for schools to take steps to protect their students, faculty, and staff from intruders and other threats.


Twenty20 Solutions offers you 24/7 protection with active shooter detection, access control and automation solutions designed to keep your campus safe and secure.
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Active Shooter Location Identification


NovusTM Platform viewed on a tablet

School safety is of the utmost importance. With Twenty20’s Novus™ IoT Platform, you can have control of your campus security like never before. Features like access control, video surveillance, and Active Shooter Location Identification give you peace of mind, knowing that your campus, and everyone inside is protected and students and staff are learning and teaching safely.


Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any internet-enabled location, using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ IoT platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with Novus™ IoT
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Monitoring & Automation

Our monitoring and automation solutions keep your campus running safely while decreasing your operating expenses. The automated Novus™ IOT Platform keeps record of anyone who enters or exits your campus, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Our AI-enabled video surveillance and our 24/7 manned monitoring center will alert appropriate authorities immediately of any suspicious activity.

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Access Control

Our access control solutions keep unauthorized visitors out of your facilities and away from your students and staff. In the event of an emergency, doors and gates can be automatically locked to secure your grounds and create secure barriers between intended targets and potential threats. License Plate Recognition “LPR” technology offers an additional layer of campus security as a form of access control and to identify unknown entrants.  As cars approach or enter the campus lot, license plates can be read and matched to authorized vehicles and can create automatic alerts if an unauthorized vehicle enters. 

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Video Surveillance

Twenty20 Solutions’ AI-enabled video surveillance, featuring Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI), protects your students, staff and campus 24/7. 

ASLI identifies the location of an active shooter in real time and sends video & photos directly to law enforcement, while alerting students and staff and automatically initiating active shooter protocols.

In the instance of an active shooter on your campus, time is of the essence. While traditional “gunshot detection” methods can take minutes to identify threats, our ASLI system identifies the threat in real time. This increases the amount of time intended victims have to get to safety as well as improving law enforcement’s tactical response time and situational awareness.

Automated Protection

When a threat is detected, our ALSI immediately communicates with access control systems, intelligently locking doors and gates to create a physical barrier between the intruder and intended victims, while initiating active shooter protocol, alerting school administration / SROs, auto-dialing 911 and sending active shooter details to responding law enforcement.

Sophisticated AI Advantage

Our advanced AI-enabled systems provide law enforcement critically important contextual video details, highlighting the intruder’s location. Optional modules include facial and license plate recognition, providing law enforcement the information needed to quickly identify the suspect.

Real-Time Video/Audio

Our ASLI utilizes not just real-time video, but audio as well, using battlefield-tested hardware and PTZ cameras to instantly capture audio and video of an active shooter or threat, pinpointing their location on your grounds.

ASLI Advantage: When Seconds Count

Our AI-powered Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) systems take your school security to the next level, reducing false alarms and eliminating the shortcomings of previous security systems. 

Immediate Response Time

Our scalable AI Solution is designed to protect a single building or an entire campus.


Utilizing artificial intelligence, Twenty20’s ASLI provides visual weapon and acoustical gunshot identification, pinpointing threats in real time.

Twenty20’s wireless technology protects schools and campuses, keeping students and staff safe.

This is where Twenty20's AI-enabled ASLI system shines: the integration of AI vastly improves identification rates as the system learns to identify threats and filter out other loud noises such as firework, vehicles, and breaking glass.  In addition, when ASLI technology combines video surveillance and facial recognition, the system can capture video of the shooter’s face in real time, aiding in suspect identification and improving the chances of apprehension.

​ASLI helps keep schools and campuses safer.

​When responding to active shooter situations, information on the shooter and the situation is key. Twenty20 Solutions' Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) technology only takes seconds to detect and respond to shooting threats, capturing audio and video of shooter(s) and sending the data directly to law enforcement.

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The Benefits of AI-Powered Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI)

With Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) systems, officials can pinpoint with extreme accuracy the location, number of shooters, and even the identity of the perpetrators.


Powered by artificial intelligence, these advanced systems are gaining popularity for their ability to provide real-time data and situational awareness in critical situations.

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