Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Our Do-It-Yourself "DIY" security solutions are designed quick and easy installation, giving you continuous visibility to your sites no matter where they are located. 

Twenty20 surveillance and access control solutions are ready to ship to you and are easily installed, maintained and monitored. Whether you need of short-term or permanent surveillance utilizing visible or covert hardware, Twenty20 has an option to meet your needs. Like all security surveillance solutions from Twenty20, the Do-it-Yourself systems are connected to our cloud-based platform giving you 24/7 visibility, in a single-pane-of-glass view to all of your sites using any computer, smartphone or tablet.

SiteWatch™ Express DIY


The SiteWatch Express DIY is a complete security system housed in a convenient lite weight, small unit. It is designed to be installed out of the box in less than 30 minutes by a single individual. Simply mount, power up and you will have immediate visibility to your sites from the Twenty20 cloud-based customer platform.

  • Portable, lite weight design for temporary short-term or permanent deployment

  • Compact and weighs less than 25 pounds

  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation in under 30 minutes

  • User selectable multi power options: solar, battery, line power

  • Wifi, Cell, satellite, LAN connectivity options

  • Multiple camera options to meet your unique requirements

  • Automated push event alerts to text or email

  • Manage sites from any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone via our proprietary platform

  • Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards

Standard Equipment

  • 360° Panoramic Dome with IR "standard" – close-range camera with 50-foot view; ideal for small parking lots or site entrances

  • Twenty20® Edge device

  • Router with multi-carrier wireless SIM

  • Quick Connect 110 VAC power cable

  • 12-hour battery back-up

Optional Equipment

  • 100W solar panel with bracket and power cord

  • 72-hour auxiliary battery unit

  • Magnetic mounts

  • 20' spiral extension cord

  • 1TB SS drive for continuous recording

  • High-speed PTZ with Optimized IR – 1080p high quality camera with 30x zoom and enhanced nighttime visibility; ideal for sites with little to no lighting

  • High-speed PTZ – 1080p high quality camera with 32x zoom and excellent detail; best for surveillance of large areas


Mobile Scout

Twenty20’s Mobile Scout is a portable, ready-to-use security system designed for quick set up by the user with no extensive training or technical know-how required. Perfect for short-term deployment, but rugged enough for long-term use in the field. The enclosure is rugged enough to handle extreme outdoor covert situations.

  • Weatherproof, portable case with wheels

  • Self-sufficient solar power with battery backup operates for up to 2 days without sun

  • Compact, 50lb system for ease of movement

  • Solar panels fold into separate portable suitcase with handle

  • Designed for single camera use

  • Visibility to your sites from any computer, tablet or smartphone via our web-based platform

  • Actionable data and historical reports available online

  • Quickly access event-specific footage remotely or stream live HD video

  • Set up automated push alerts to text or email

Standard Equipment

  • 18x Zoom IR Bullet Camera

  • 1TB SS drive for continuous recording

Optional Equipment

  • Solar panel kit


Twenty20® SmartLock

Built for professionals and designed for rugged, off-grid locations, the water-resistant, impact-resistant Twenty20 SmartLock immediately increases your asset protection by creating an audit trail of access information. With our SmartLock, the user's smartphone is literally the key that opens the lock. Using the Twenty20 app, the phone sends a signal that opens the lock – even in areas without cellular connectivity. With no more lost or forgotten keys or shared combination codes, the Twenty20 SmartLock is light-years ahead of obsolete padlocks.

  • Avoid expensive re-keying when employees leave or keys are lost

  • Reduce downtime for contractors, allowing instant access to locations

  • Grant, edit or revoke access to locks in real-time online

  • Bluetooth low-energy technology allows mobile app to interact with lock without internet access

  • Audit trails provide historical access information accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone via our web-based platform

  • Water resistant and impact resistant

  • Issue codes for one-time access

  • Shrouded or unshrouded models available


Optional Equipment

  • Shrouded model available


Let Twenty20 help you find the right Do-It-Yourself Solutions for your business.

Superior Visibility & Control Over Your Operations

Twenty20 pushes all information from your operations in real-time to our integrated web-based dashboard, providing you accurate intelligence via any web-enabled device. Accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone, the dashboard gives you a single, integrated view into all your securty operations, surveillance devices and access control resources no matter where you are located.

Your in-house security personnel can actively monitor locations, respond to system-generated events and alerts, or let the Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC)  provide support for you and your team. This unified perspective weaves together all monitoring and management capabilities for unprecedented synergies in the control of your remote facilities.