Engineering & Construction Company

A construction company needed a security provider that could meet their tight lead times and deliver mobile, temporary systems to their work sites.


The Challenge

Construction companies rarely have extra time to plan before starting a project. Once they win a job, their work typically starts within a few weeks. That was case time and time again for one engineering and construction company. They needed mobile security systems that could be delivered at a moment’s notice, and their previous security provider was not able to provide skid-mounted security solutions quickly enough to meet project timelines.

The Solution

The company called Twenty20 Solutions on a Wednesday, and we delivered and installed a skid-mounted video surveillance solution on Friday. The system included infrared PTZ cameras for clear views day or night and our Remote Computing Unit that provides real-time, two-way communication. In addition to the installed solution, the Twenty20 security monitoring team keeps watch on job sites 24/7, and, when necessary, uses the built-in voice-down function to send real-time warnings to trespassers.

The Results

Using the Twenty20 video surveillance solution, the company has successfully responded to security threats on a number of occasions. In one case, a company employee was caught accessing the site after hours – stealing generators and other equipment. Using the Twenty20 video footage, the employee was eventually charged with four felonies. The value of recovered equipment and prevention of future thefts by the same employee far exceeded the cost of implementing the Twenty20 video surveillance solution.