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The best protection there is for your business and customers.

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Property Management


70 percent of employers do not have access to real-time location of employees within buildings.


4 out of 10 (approximately 280,000) vehicles are stolen from US dealerships every year.
A complete solution for round-the-clock theft and crime prevention on all of your commercial properties.
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Access Control

The Twenty20 cloud-based platform is accessible any time of day via any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. You can provide access to real-time security footage, recorded events and historical reports with multiple departments across your facility.

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Security & Surveillance

Securing construction job sites can be challenging, especially if they are in early build stages without any power hookups. Twenty20 provides solar-powered hardware and software solutions that enable video surveillance on any site, no matter the power situation. In addition to helping prevent theft and vandalism, operational surveillance can ensure workers are wearing the proper protective equipment and keep safety on the site a priority.

Solve your security challenges, including theft, vandalism and accidents.

$1 billion

Estimated annual losses in the United States alone due to theft from construction sites. Theft is a major concern for general contractors, operations managers, site supervisors, as well as property owners and investors.


Of all equipment losses on construction sites are attributed directly to theft. High-value tools, equipment, and even wiring are often left visible to thieves and therefore vulnerable. This is why construction sites are frequently targets for crime.


Of stolen construction equipment is ever recovered by authorities. Theft of equipment and supplies creates costly delays, and unauthorized access increases injury and liability risks.

Secuity Guard

Keeping track of who is coming and going is an important piece of any security plan. With sites often being open and full of valuable materials and equipment, it is important that construction officials are able to view entry and exit points and isolate any suspicious activity. With our online Novus™ AIoT platform, you can lock or unlock entrances at any time. Improve the physical security of your location by setting up temporary gate equipment that can be relocated easily as security needs change.

Access Control
Vehicle Gate Access


Vehicle dealerships face significant risk when it comes to theft and vandalism. With the majority of auto inventory kept outdoors, these properties are more susceptible to intrusion, property damage, vandalism, and theft. Live monitoring coupled with AI-enabled video security casts a wide net of protection for dealerships; owners can rest assured that eyes are trained on their valuable stock at all times.

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Access Control

Access control is a critical piece of dealership security, particularly in the off-hours where crimes can be carried out more easily. The effectiveness of locks, gates, and fences can be greatly improved with Twenty20’s platform and hardware solutions. Set up a permanent or trailer-mounted GateWatch at your properties’ most vulnerable access points, tracking every vehicle and person who enters and exits. Grant access only to qualified personnel via our Novus platform, and lock down entrances when threats are detected.

Car Dealership

Next Level Security in Action

See how a top auto group in New York reduced theft and saved $75,000 by implementing our Twenty20 Novus™ IoT system.


Our AI-enabled security has helped businesses across the country increase their security, eliminate theft, and dramatically reduce site monitoring costs. These businesses have taken their security to the next level and so can you. 

NovusTM Platform viewed on a tablet

Twenty20’s Novus™ AIoT platform takes your site security to the next level, giving you total control over every aspect of your site’s security systems


Manage security, access control, and automation through a single hub, giving you the power to monitor your operations in real-time and receive alerts from either one location or hundreds, with a simple, intuitive user interface.


Our “single pane of glass” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location, using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ AIoT platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with Novus™ IoT
Property crime makes up 83% of all crime in the US and about 75% of convicted burglars say the presence of a security camera would steer them to a different place to burglarize.


Insurance providers offer discounts up to 20% when there is a monitored security systems with cameras in place.


Video surveillance, access control, and monitoring can proactively prevent trespassing and damage to both active and vacant properties.

AI-Enhanced Integrated Security

Neighborhoods and multi-family housing units represent a unique situation in security, with many moving pieces as residents go about their daily activities. Solutions must be able to accurately survey and protect an area while also respecting the privacy of the people who live there. Twenty20’s AI-enhanced solutions allow for detection of suspicious activity in residential areas, such as object detection and facial recognition. Our manned monitoring center follows up on any flagged activity, quickly identifying threats and taking the appropriate actions for law enforcement or emergency services to be deployed. Neighborhood and multi-family complex residents can rest assured that their living spaces are fully protected at all times.

access gate
Access Control

Keeping track of who is coming and going is an important piece of any security plan. Commercial properties in particular must often keep valuable equipment safe from theft attempts, both from external and internal sources. Twenty20 Solutions offers an array of services that can help keep your commercial properties safe. For 50% of the cost of on-site security guards, properties can receive round-the-clock protection.

Monitoring & Automation

Vacant and remotely-located properties are often prime targets for theft and vandalism due to a perceived lack of security. However, securing these facilities can represent a challenge, particularly when the area lacks power connections or adequate cell tower coverage. Monitoring and automation technology greatly simplify the management of these properties. Thermal imaging technology allows you to detect unwanted presences at your site, in conditions where traditional security cameras are ineffective. Site automation enables remote monitoring and control of far-away facilities, with solar-powered equipment eliminating the need for running power to the site.

4 out of 10 (approximately 280,000) vehicles are stolen from US dealerships every year.


5,300% increase in claims for stolen catalytic converters in the last three years.


With high-value inventory often stored outdoors, car dealerships and equipment rental dealers face ongoing risk for theft and vandalism.


87% of airports confirmed that programs to address passenger health and safety protocols have either been implemented or are planned. These are said to include sensors, video monitoring, and robots to automatically monitor passenger social distancing, temperature checks, sanitization, and other health criteria.


The need for enhanced aircraft security, due to an increase in the number of offensive incidences in aircraft & terrorist activities, along with supportive regulatory compliance, are factors that fuel the demand for advanced commercial aircraft video surveillance services.


Even with the best security teams, construction sites can’t be physically watched at all times. Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access to all of your construction sites with our cloud-based platform, allowing you to view cameras from anywhere and review security events at any time. AI-enabled video detects and sorts human, vehicle, and animal activity, allowing our Manned Monitoring Center to address any potential threats and engage law enforcement as necessary.

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Next Level Security in Action

Property management is made much easier with comprehensive security and monitoring solutions.


Twenty20 provides security, monitoring, access control, and many other types of solutions that enable you to streamline your property management operations and ensure safety for residents, visitors, and staff.


Estimated annual losses in the U.S. alone due to theft from construction sites.


Only 10-15% of stolen construction equipment is ever recovered.
Video surveillance catches trespassers in the act and records footage of criminal activity.


Difficult to secure and packed with valuable equipment and materials, construction sites are frequent targets of theft.


Twenty20 Solutions offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies, including object detection, facial recognition and more which make video surveillance even more effective in identifying threats before they happen and minimizing false alarms.

arial view of construction site
Next Level Security in Action

Learn how a construction company used Twenty20's video surveillance and monitoring solutions to successfully respond to security threats on a number of occasions.


Using video footage captured by Twenty20 equipment, an employee was charged with four felonies. The value of recovered equipment and prevention of future thefts by the same employee far exceeded the cost of implementing the Twenty20's solutions, resulting in a high return on investment for the company.

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