Car Dealerships

With high-value inventory often stored outdoors, car dealerships and equipment rental dealers face ongoing risk for theft and vandalism.

Car Dealership Security

Car dealerships face significant risk when it comes to theft and vandalism due to the expensive merchandise and equipment found on-site. The fact that the majority of auto inventory is kept outdoors makes dealerships susceptible to intruders, property damage, vandalism and theft. The same is true for construction and farm equipment rental locations that face similar issues in securing their valuable inventory. Effective car dealership security is vital. 

The most effective protection against theft and vandalism for your car dealership is a combination of car dealership security services. On-site security guards are no longer the most effective approach to security with today’s criminals, as they simply cannot cover an entire property at once. Therefore, with a minimal amount of recognizance, a would-be thief can know the vulnerable areas of a property and strike before a security guard can reach them.

Perimeter gates have also been an effective means to minimizing theft of entire vehicles. However, the automotive parts market is extremely profitable, and therefore, gates are not a significant deterrence to stealing smaller parts and equipment. Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of security, access control and remote monitoring systems that can proactively protect your car dealerships around the clock, especially when integrated together.

car dealership security

Security Tools for Car Dealerships

The presence of video cameras alone often deters crime and unwanted activity. In addition, with on-site video surveillance cameras, you have the ability to monitor your customers’ whereabouts while on property. Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of permanent and mobile car dealership security solutions so that you can secure every inch of your property, even in areas where there is no power.

Controlling access to the dealership property, especially during off-hours, is another way to add protection to your facility. With access control solutions from Twenty20, you can grant the right access to the right people at the right time. In addition, you can grant, edit and revoke access for employees and contractors online in real-time without even being on property.

Remote monitoring services add another layer of proactive crime prevention. Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) can serve as an extension of your internal security team with off-hour support or can provide 24/7 monitoring services. Our virtual security experts monitor activity at your dealerships and follow pre-determined escalation procedures to notify your team and law enforcement authorities of any security breaches.

All solutions from Twenty20 are connected to our web-based platform that gives you visibility to your dealership online from anywhere at any time. Our proprietary technology streams video content and data from remote locations via the cloud, giving you a direct view of all activity at your location. You can. . .

  • View real-time footage

  • Control cameras

  • Edit access

  • Run reports of historical events

from any computer, smartphone, or tablet even when you are not on-site.

Benefits of Video Surveillance, Access Control & Monitoring for Car Dealership Security

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access and visibility to what is happening at your dealership via our web-based platform. Available from any location and device, you can see your sites in real-time or access events to keep track of activity, even when you are not on site. You can monitor your customer locations, employees, and after-hour activity online at any time.

Deter Theft & Vandalism

Car dealerships are prime locations for criminals to strike due to the high-value inventory and the outdoor nature of most locations. With security solutions from Twenty20, you can stop crime before it happens with real-time visibility to your sites from any location.

Reduce Security Costs

Security guards are expensive and can only cover small parts of your dealership at a time, making the remaining areas vulnerable to thieves and intruders. The security technology solutions from Twenty20 not only cover more areas of your dealership but at a lower cost than on-site security guards. In fact, some of our solutions have saved our customers up to 50% of the monthly cost of security guards.

Reduce Liability

Video surveillance not only helps secure your dealership from crime but can also assist in insurance and liability claims. Twenty20’s video surveillance technology gives you the tools to pull video footage when needed for a customer or employee claim, giving you proof and helping to minimize your overall liability.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your construction site with systems that provide the audit history and control.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Car Dealership Security Solutions

Featured Case Study

Construction companies rarely have extra time to plan before starting a project. Once they win a job, their work typically starts within a few weeks. That was case time and time again for one engineering and construction company. They needed mobile security systems that could be delivered at a moment’s notice, and their previous security provider was not able to provide skid-mounted security solutions quickly enough to meet project timelines.