Video Surveillance and Access Control Platform for Cannabis Processing Company

The Challenge

A California-based cannabis processing company poised for expansion faced high theft risk and stringent state requirements for security and access to product.

Operating in a highly regulated industry with facilities and products that are high-value targets for theft, cannabis processing companies require exceptionally tight security.


One such company came to Twenty20 Solutions looking for a solution that could be securely replicated across multiple sites as the company expanded. The solution needed to adhere to the standards in the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), be well-equipped for locations with higher crime statistics and transient populations, and simple for employees and investors to use and access.


The Solution

After a thorough project discovery and security audit, Twenty20 Solutions proposed and deployed a comprehensive, integrated video surveillance and access control platform. With indoor and outdoor cameras covering the entire operation, everyone entering and exiting the facility does so under the watchful eye of the company’s security team, which monitors the processing facilities remotely in real-time from their corporate headquarters. Likewise, using our remote access management tools, the company grants credentialed employees and visitors access only to the areas of their facilities they are authorized to enter.

The Results

Law enforcement officers have used the video surveillance solution, which surpasses state and local regulations, to investigate multiple cases of arson and vandalism. Meanwhile, access control functionality gives the company the power to restrict controlled areas, immediately granting access to new hires and removing access from terminated employees for lower risk to products and employees as well as reduced liability following theft or vandalism.