Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

Our security and automation solutions are combined with advanced, AI-enabled analytics providing unmatched visual detail and awareness.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Twenty20’s AI technology solutions can analyze more video data than ever before and will change the way you interact with your security and automation systems. By bringing the most important events and insights to your attention, our AI solutions are constantly at work, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business and your customers.

Our video analytics incorporate advanced machine learning algorithms that can be trained and customized for unique environments. It can be trained to learn how typical activities in a scenario look and detect actions or incidients that do not follow the usual pattern. The system learns from its experiences much like the human brain, which over time ensures enhanced efficiency in identifying security threats by decreasing the occurrence of false alarms.

We use neural networks to automate the detection function of surveillance and identify and label multiple objects and scenes. Fast and accurate object recognition is the foundation of Twenty20’s AI solutions. Through accurate identification of these objects, the system can search for specific items and events, identify unusual activity, compare objects to others for identification purposes, track equipment locations and more.

Spotlight on Technology: What's New in AI


Enhanced Object Detection & Classification

Reduce False Positives Up To 90%

By using advanced machine learning techniques to accurately identify significant activity while simultaneously filtering out irrelevant events, Twenty20’s technology can now reduce false alerts by up to 90 percent. This translates to less time being spent qualifying non-relevant events. 

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Twenty20 Solutions offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies that provide detailed insights to give you unprecedented control over your remote operations.

Object Detection

Advanced video analytics detectors identify thousands of objects such as vehicles, animals or people. Objects of interest can be highlighted in your customizable video archive so the system gets better at identification over time. By tracking objects like construction hard hats and vendor vehicles, you have the ability to enforce compliance, verify vendor time spent on site and more.

Facial Recognition

Automatically detect and recognize faces in real-time and display results to compare. You have the ability to search for persons of interest by photo in your database of previously detected people and watchlists with high accuracy. Plus, facial recognition seamlessly integrates with access control to use faces as credentials, creating the ability for contactless site entry. 

License Plate Recognition

Our license plate recognition (LPR) analytics accurately captures license plate information at higher speeds. Twenty20’s software technology will allow customers to maintain watch lists of license plate information and trigger automated actions or security alerts based on data recorded in these lists.


PPE Detection

Workplace safety hazards can exist in many different forms. Workers are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) across many industries to protect them from injury. Plus, with the onset of the COVID-19 virus, wearing face masks and other PPE has become even more important. With PPE detection, companies can automatically detect objects like construction hard hats, face masks, gloves, and vests so they can enforce compliance and reduce liability for employees and contractors on site.


Thermal Radar

Early physical response to intrusions, threats and fires is key to minimize damage and losses. Thermal surveillance and detection provides continuous 360° situational awareness coupled with edge analytics to detect heat energy while simultaneously detecting multiple targets for customizable areas of interest and detection zones.


AI & Video Surveillance


Video surveillance requires monitoring to identify breaches and act accordingly to ensure the security of a facility or site. However, most companies do not have the budget or personnel to constantly monitor video feeds or search through hours of footage to find a recorded incident.

Adding AI to video surveillance minimizes the need for human monitoring to identify potential threats and signal alerts based on specific activities. AI reduces the occurrence of false alerts, allowing you to take real-time action based on real-time analytics.

The use of AI in video surveillance creates a more efficient monitoring process, as it allows security operations to search hours of video in seconds. AI-powered surveillance technology removes human error and fatigue from the analysis process altogether, leading to improvements in crime prevention.

Combining AI video analytics with human monitoring significantly increases the changes of proactively preventing crime before it occurs. AI is trained to watch for specific scenarios and alert the operator. The best video surveillance system depends on both AI and humans.

Enhancing Security with Artificial Intelligence

AI and video analytics are the latest in a line of proactive, smart technology solutions that Twenty20 is focused on bringing to the industry. Our technology solutions highlight important events while reducing false alerts, thereby increasing overall operational efficiency for your company. 

Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed to increase the effectiveness of video surveillance systems by focusing attention only on events that threaten security to a site and its operations. AI software can be trained to identify and classify a variety of objects according to your business needs. Depending on where the software is trained to focus, it can help to reduce crime, minimize liability for workers and monitor equipment for operational status.



Advanced machine learning accurately identifies significant events while filtering out irrelevant ones so you focus only on real security threats without the distraction of things like  insects, animals or weather conditions.



By training AI to track and monitor PPE objects like construction hats, face masks, gloves and vests, you have the ability to enforce compliance and reduce liability for employees and contractors while on-site.

Manage Assets Remotely

Video analytics can identify if equipment needs maintenance or optimization without the need for on-site personnel. Predictive analytics results in reduced downtime, cost savings and satisfied customers.