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Video Surveillance

Twenty20 video surveillance solutions give you real-time threat detection even at your most remote operations. Recording footage locally on-site around the clock and pushing events to the web-based platform in real-time, the system notifies your security team or the Twenty20 monitoring team when a potential threat arises.


Users can quickly access the event-specific footage remotely or stream live video providing a robust surveillance capability in locations not possible before. Our systems come equipped with leading, industrial-grade cameras for day or night, infrared and thermal imaging capabilities.

Get Security Anywhere

Our systems are designed for off-grid environments. We provide various power options and extended range cellular to gain connectivity even if facilities are miles from the nearest cell tower.

Secure Your Site Immediately

Mobile skids and trailers provide ease of transport and rapid deployment. Our solutions deploy quickly, even into very remote areas.

Gain Assurance

Turnkey solutions include industrial-grade cameras, software, installation and alert management services so you don’t chance a security breach; monitored 24×7 by your team or ours.

Deployment options to tackle any challenge.

SiteWatch Surveillance System

The SiteWatch Surveillance System is a fixed-mounted, self-contained surveillance solution that is ideal for permanent or long-term installations. System components can be mounted to poles, fences or buildings and can operate on solar power for off-grid locations.


SiteWatch Surveillance Skids

A portable, skid-mounted security solution designed for easy deployment where in-ground options are not possible. Whether regulations do not permit digging or mandate special protection due to landscape, wildlife or other factors, it’s the ideal solution for a multitude of remote locations.

SiteWatch Mobile

The SiteWatch Mobile is a trailer-based surveillance system ideal for short-term deployment situations, but rugged enough for long-term use in the field. This mobile solution can easily be relocated by a single person and quickly deployed in emergency situations.

SiteWatch Express DIY

The SiteWatch Express DIY is a complete security system housed in a convenient portable small package enabling rapid-deployment and easy installation. Simply mount the unit and power up for nearly instant surveillance capability.

Mobile Scout

A portable and ready-to-use surveillance solution, the Mobile Scout is designed for quick set up directly by the user with no extensive training or technical know-how required. Perfect for short-term deployment and rugged enough to be buried in the ground for extreme covert situations.

A simplified process for quick action.

1. A potential issue is detected. The alert is sent to selected individuals or the company’s monitoring center.

2. A video stream is provided for the time period before, during and after the event. Users then choose to view historical or real-time streaming video as needed.

3. Take immediate action by notifying law enforcement. With integrated solutions, use voice down speakers to deter perpetrators and lock them out of an area.

Video Surveillance

Case Studies

Surveillance & Access Control

  • Fortune 1000 E&P operator
  • Challenge: Theft, vandalism and illegal dumping on remote sites
  • Solutions: Video surveillance provides evidence to offset liability and push costs to appropriate parties

Nationwide Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Leading Drilling Services Company
  • Challenge: Theft of high-value assets at remote, unmanned storage yards and warehouses
  • Solution: Intrusion detection system has identified dozens of break-ins and helped local law enforcement prosecute criminals

Integrated Security & Monitoring

  • Large E&P operator in the Permian Basin
  • Challenge: Securing both corporate offices and remote sites
  • Solution: Facility security for 1,335 employees and early warning and alert management for isolated well sites

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Large Electrical Utility
  • Challenge: Increased thefts during construction at substations
  • Solution: Video surveillance has stopped thefts and led to multiple arrests

Video Surveillance & Access Control

  • Cannabis Processing Company
  • Challenge: Securing a high-value facility in a high-crime area
  • Solution: Surveillance and restricted access keep the business and employees safe

Video Surveillance & Automation

  • Midstream Saltwater Disposal Operator
  • Challenge: Modernizing industrial and accounting processes with automation
  • Solution: Advanced automation platform integrated into new and existing operations via SCADA network

Video Surveillance

  • Food Production Company
  • Challenge: Preventing theft of high-value equipment at remote farms
  • Solution: Video surveillance deters trespassers

Operations & Security Monitoring

  • Oil and gas company developing new acreage
  • Challenge: Monitoring operations and security system remotely from Midland, TX HQ
  • Solution: Comprehensive video surveillance and SCADA/automation system

Video Surveillance

  • Engineering & Construction Firm
  • Challenge: Prevent theft and unauthorized access at job sites
  • Solution: Rapidly deployed video surveillance system