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Time-lapse Surveillance

Twenty20 time-lapse video surveillance solutions give you an efficient, cost-effective security measure at your remote operations. Particularly suited for high-activity areas like construction zones, time-lapse not only helps secure your operations but can also be used to record construction progress and secure project timelines.


Recording footage locally on-site around the clock, the system sends regularly scheduled time-lapse images to your team for review. Instead of monitoring all video footage live, in real-time, or recorded in its entirety, your security personnel can review the time-lapse images as a means to detect unusual, historical activity. If something suspicious is identified, users can remotely access the stored video footage on demand for the time period in question.

Twenty20 provides edited and client-branded time lapse videos.

Keep Track of Progress

Log in any time to Twenty20’s dashboard to view sites in real-time and monitor progress. Play the time-lapse video to-date or view real-time streaming video.

Take Action

With awareness of an event, you can dispatch personnel to re-secure the area if necessary and use the video evidence in law enforcement proceedings.

Secure Remote Areas

Our extended range cellular connectivity means you still get reliable time-lapse video even when your operations are in a seemingly cellular dead spot.