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Surveillance & Detection

Remote surveillance and detection solutions from Twenty20 deliver confidence that your remote operations are safe and sound. You get complete, real-time visibility of your facilities, day or night, no matter the location, even in areas without power or data connections. This level of insight gives you the power to take immediate action, should the need arise.

Monitoring at your fingertips.

Twenty20 pushes all information from your operations in real-time to our integrated web-based dashboard, providing you accurate intelligence via any web-enabled device. Your in-house security personnel can actively monitor locations, respond to system-generated events and alerts, or let the Twenty20 monitoring team provide support for you and your team.

Prevent crime by deterring perpetrators and transients.

Our video, radar and time-lapse surveillance solutions can be deployed as part of a permanent system or even more quickly on a skid or trailer.

  • Video: 24×7 HD video recording, accessible remotely
  • Industrial-Grade Cameras: PTZ, bullet and thermal
  • Self-contained unit for remote environments
  • Deployment: Trailer, skid or in-ground
  • Connections: Extended range cellular, satellite or LAN
  • Solar, line or generator powered
  • Surveillance that covers wide area infrastructure and extends beyond fences
  • Industrial-grade cameras operate day and night, in all weather conditions and reduce false events
  • Provides exact position, angle of movement and velocity of moving objects
  • 24×7 HD video recording
  • Security team reviews time-lapse images for suspicious activity
  • Remote access to full video