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Twenty20 SmartLock

The Twenty20 SmartLock is not simply the next generation of padlock. It’s a smart, cost-effective way to secure assets at your remote facilities instead of leaving them vulnerable or installing expensive gates.


With our SmartLock, the user’s smartphone is literally the key that opens the lock. Using the Twenty20 app, the phone sends a signal to the lock – even in areas without cellular connectivity. With no more lost keys or forgotten or shared combination codes, the Twenty20 SmartLock is light-years ahead of obsolete padlocks.

Total Control

From the Twenty20 browser-based dashboard, you can authorize or deauthorize a user with just one tap. And because each key is unique to both the user and each individual SmartLock, you’ll have access to who accessed a lock, the location of that lock and the timestamp, all on your Twenty20 dashboard.

Instant Security

Order today and secure your assets tomorrow. Twenty20 SmartLocks are designed for easy and quick set-up. We ship you the locks, instruction manuals and information to set up your locks with Twenty20’s app.

Audit Trails

Every time a lock is accessed, the user’s name, GPS location and timestamp is recorded. Through the Twenty20 dashboard, you can grant customized access for individuals or groups, single-use codes for one-time use, or immediately revoke codes for terminated employees.