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Entries & Gates

Entry and exit points, such as vehicle and pedestrian gates, are frequently the most vulnerable points to security threats at remote locations. Keys can be lost, codes can be shared, gates can be crashed, but remote access control solutions from Twenty20 Solutions give you more advanced and secure control than ever before. Open, close, lock and monitor entry points hundreds or even thousands of miles away, right from a desktop or mobile device. Integrated with video surveillance, you can see who is at your remote facility and take appropriate action, authorizing entry or initiating your security plan as each case may warrant. And you can do it all without a guard onsite or human intervention.

Security experts from Twenty20 will work with you to determine the appropriate level of control for your organization and locations, but access credentials can take a number of forms:

Access Control 18WheelerGate

Phone or Mobile Device

Bluetooth connection transmits entry code

License Plate Recognition

Cameras record plate numbers and software verifies the user for authorized, automated entry

Vehicle Tags

Devices at entries/exits read vehicle tags, providing automated control

Traditional Credentials

Keypads, badges, card readers and video entry available

Remote Access Control

Case Studies

Surveillance & Access Control

  • Fortune 1000 E&P operator
  • Challenge: Theft, vandalism and illegal dumping on remote sites
  • Solutions: Video surveillance provides evidence to offset liability and push costs to appropriate parties

Integrated Security & Monitoring

  • Large E&P operator in the Permian Basin
  • Challenge: Securing both corporate offices and remote sites
  • Solution: Facility security for 1,335 employees and early warning and alert management for isolated well sites

Video Surveillance & Access Control

  • Cannabis Processing Company
  • Challenge: Securing a high-value facility in a high-crime area
  • Solution: Surveillance and restricted access keep the business and employees safe