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Access Control

GateWatch Access Control Systems

Now you have total real-time control over who enters and exits your remote facilities, whether those locations are staffed with your personnel or not. With remote access control systems from Twenty20 Solutions, you can open, close, lock and monitor remote entry points from any internet-enabled device via our web-based platform.


Through the Twenty20 dashboard, you see who is at your remote location and take action based on who it is, without a gate guard or any human intervention at all. Access is granted using a number of credentialing methods such as vehicle RFID tags, license plate recognition, Bluetooth readers or more traditional keypad or card systems.

Access Control 18WheelerGate

Twenty20 SmartLock

The Twenty20 SmartLock is a revolutionary innovation in access control for remote locations. By replacing old-fashioned padlocks with SmartLocks, you can secure anything – valuable tool boxes, ranch gates, storage facilities – all without installing any complex equipment or systems and whether or not you have reliable connectivity. The Twenty20 Smartlock can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into clients’ existing Twenty20 system.


The Twenty20 SmartLock gives each user a digital “key” via their smartphone, which is unique to both the individual and to each SmartLock. You have total control over which users can open which locks. No more lost keys or unauthorized access, and because each key is unique to each user and SmartLock, you get a complete access history log with location and timestamp data. One click from an administrative user authorizes or deauthorizes the individual or lock form the platform.