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Companies with operations in remote locations frequently need a way to monitor and automate their equipment and assets on the ground. With few or sometimes no employees onsite, they have next to no insight into the performance of these remote operations. This creates increased risk of unidentified equipment errors, process failures and maintenance issues, leading to expensive repairs and dangerous conditions. In some cases, operations may use traditional SCADA systems but are faced with the limited capabilities and bandwidth they offer.


Twenty20 Solutions provides the systems, technologies and services required to automate operations at even the most remote locations, regardless of electrical infrastructure or available connectivity. This opens up a whole new world of monitoring and automation at locations where you need it most. Designed for harsh, isolated and off-grid locations, our solutions deliver the bandwidth and power you need for optimum visibility and control of your facilities located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.


Our plug-and-play solutions can be integrated into your existing automated systems to provide more robust capabilities or built from the ground up for complete, turnkey security and automation.

Saltwater Disposal Site Automation