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Farm and Ranch Security

Prevent theft and other criminal activity on your agricultural properties.  

Agriculture operations like farms and ranches are, by necessity, located in remote locations and are serviced by numerous vendors and contractors on any given day. This can make it difficult for owners and operators to maintain accountability and prevent theft and other threats. A Farm Journal Pulse survey of 643 farmers reported that less than 20% feel confident in their data security. 

Twenty20 Solutions gives you a complete solution for securing, automating, and monitoring your high-value agricultural assets and operations in real-time, around the clock – even in remote, off-the-grid locations.

All things ranch and farm security-related – vehicle and personnel gates, video surveillance systems, greenhouse controls, monitoring equipment – you name it – Twenty20 provides the vision and control you need to reduce your exposure to theft, comply with agricultural regulations, and protect your employees. Overall, agriculture security systems and smart surveillance options are transforming how farmers and ranchers are able to reduce annual losses attributed to theft. 


Benefits of Video Surveillance & Monitoring on Agriculture Sites

Secure Facilities

Grant entry and exit for gates, storage rooms, and greenhouses only to authorized personnel. Revoke access immediately for terminated employees.

Optimize Crops

Measure temperature, CO2, and humidity levels and make needed system adjustments such as turning on irrigation systems – all remotely.

Deter Transients

People hanging around your operation that shouldn’t be there? Identify them with motion detection and turn on spotlights, talk through voice down and dispatch security personnel.

Agriculture Security

To keep farms and ranches functioning effectively, an advanced agriculture security system is crucial. Through smart software and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, farmers are better equipped to analyze risk and deploy new policies and processes that reduce the risks of crime and theft. Given that most agricultural land is located in remote areas of the U.S. it's critical that remote access to system monitoring and security be made available. 


Through solar-powered and other sustainable practices, security systems can remain in place long-term with little to no maintenance required. Twenty20 Solutions offers a simple solution that provides 24/7 support through a convenient dashboard, accessible from anywhere. Our smart security helps support farmers and property managers to continue producing and scaling business. 

Security Equipment for Agriculture Sites

Traditional surveillance system equipment usually includes camera, monitors, and recorders. Integrating these agriculture security system products with detection devices like motion sensors that can trigger alarms automatically, as well as smart surveillance capabilities, farms can work to reduce criminal acts onsite. With smart surveillance, owners can use pattern recognition to save time and money.

Since agricultural farm lands are largely based in remote locations, technology should aim for software and hardware that offers farmers the ability to manage day-to-day operations seamlessly while protecting vital equipment, services, and products.  


Learn more effective farm security tips for secure management. 

Solutions for Farms and Ranches

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your locations with systems that provide the audit history and control.


Gain total control over site activity to maximize productivity and efficiency with automated solutions.

Featured Case Study

The agriculture space comes with a host of risks – weather, pests, disease, etc. The last thing a farming operation needs is to have critical assets stolen or damaged, disrupting the harvest and jeopardizing revenue. That’s why one of the largest tomato producers in the US turned to Twenty20 Solutions to help prevent the theft of its high-value equipment and fuel at multiple remote farms.


Let us help you find the right security, automation and access control solutions for your business.