About Us

Twenty20 Solutions is a global leader in smart security and automation solutions dedicated to protecting our customers' assets, people and operations. 

Twenty20 Solutions is a global provider of automation and security technology, smart surveillance and access control solutions for both on and off-grid environments. We build smart technology into all our solutions, providing actionable data for real-time decision making. 

Twenty20 reduces risk and cost while optimizing operations through automation and exceptional customer service. We service customers across industry, including oil and natural gas, utilities, agriculture and construction.


The Twenty20 Advantage

Twenty20 provides solutions that protect our customers' assets, optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and reduce their overall spend. We deliver much more than cameras, surveillance and sensors; we provide peace of mind and benefits that extend into multiple areas of our customers' businesses.

Asset Protection

Prevent loss of infrastructure, critical assets and supplies 

Crime Prevention

Eliminate theft, burglary and vandalism to protect sites and equipment


Maximize productivity and efficiency of sites and systems

Human Safety

Ensure HSE  practices for employees, partners and third parties

Cost Reduction

Improved human and asset utilization with fewer visits

to sites


Comply with internal and government  and policies

Liability Reduction

Reduce risks for insurance and regulatory purposes



Prevent accidents that damage the environment



Proprietary software is universally compatible with existing systems

People Clapping

We're Dedicated to Your Success

Twenty20's greatest strength is our people. We have a dedicated team of industry experts that are committed to delivering comprehensive security and automation solutions to our customers supported by top-notch customer service and ongoing technical support.

The Twenty20 Leadership team brings decades of expertise in developing and delivering advanced technology solutions. And, we are committed to continuing our technology leadership, empowering our customers with leading-edge AI and business intelligence to advance their operations and maximize efficiencies within their organizations.