Take unprecedented control over your remote operations.

With Twenty20 security, monitoring and automation solutions, you’ll do more than improve safety and productivity. With accurate, real-time operational insights, you’ll have the power to take action at your remote locations – even when no one is on-site.

Security virtually anywhere.

Twenty20 security solutions bring your many locations into a single view so you can watch over your facilities and people from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
With real-time surveillance and detection systems and remote access control systems, you have the power to be there, even when you’re not.

Effortless automation.

Twenty20 Solutions provides the systems, equipment, technologies and services required for automating operations at even the most remote locations, regardless of electrical infrastructure or cellular coverage and without building transmission towers.

One dashboard. Total control.

The Twenty20 browser-based dashboard gives you a single, integrated view into all your automated operations, surveillance devices and access control resources. This unified perspective weaves together all monitoring and management capabilities for you to have complete control of your remote facilities at your fingertips.

Stand-alone access control.

Built for professionals and designed for rugged, off-grid locations, the Twenty20 SmartLock immediately increases your asset protection. Plus, with the SmartLock, the user’s smartphone is literally the key that opens the lock. No connection? No problem. The Twenty20 mobile app uses Bluetooth low-energy technology, so you can access the lock even in areas without cellular connectivity.