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Solutions That Provide

Actionable Data

Real-time data-driven insights and reporting allow you to act quickly and with confidence.

Powerful AI-Enhanced 

Software Solutions

Twenty20 Solutions is a global provider of automation and security technology, smart surveillance and access control solutions for both on and off-grid environments. Powered by advanced AI and intelligent video analytics, our technology delivers data-driven insights and reporting, allowing you to act quickly and with confidence to minimize risk and maximize efficiences across one or multiple sites. Twenty20 Solutions offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies, including object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, cargo tracking, thermal radar detection and more.

Our AI technology solutions can analyze more video data than ever before and will change the way you interact with your security and automation systems. By bringing the most important events and insights to your attention, our AI solutions are constantly at work, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.



Gain total control over site activity to maximize productivity and efficiency with automated solutions.

Business Intelligence

Make data-driven decisions by leveraging data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage in your business.


Security & Surviellance

Solutions that give you peace of mind that your sites are secure so your team can focus on your business.



Real-time virtual protection against theft and vandalism that drastically lowers the cost of securing your business.


Remote Access

Control who enters and exits your sites from any location for added security and minimize need for on-site personnel.

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One Platform. Total Control.

The Twenty20 cloud platform gives you a single, integrated view into all your security and automation operations at your remote sites and gives you real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your operations. See what is happening at one or hundreds of locations in a single system.

All footage is stored in the cloud, not on a locally-stored device. That means you can view real-time video footage or find previously recorded events on any web-enabled device no matter where your day takes you.

Why Twenty20 Solutions

Reduce Risk & Loss

Manage on-site risks and mitigate liabilities in real-time with actionable insights into what is happening at your remote locations.

Reduce Costs

Prevent damage to critical assets, equipment and supplies by eliminating theft and vandalism, while reducing security costs by an average of 30-50%.

Improve Efficiences

With automation and optimization solutions, you gain total control over site activity to maximize productivity and  efficiency of equipment and staff.

Minimize Downtime

Our state-of-the-art technology reports real-time asset health and performance data that you can rely on coupled with video surveillance visible 24/7. 




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