AI-Enabled Security & Automation Solutions That Protect with Confidence

Real-time data analytics and reporting allow you to act quickly.


AI-enabled automation and security technology, smart surveillance and access control solutions that protect your people and assets wherever you do business.

What We Do


Solutions that keep your sites
secure so you can focus
on your business.


Real-time, cost-effective virtual 
protection against theft 
and vandalism.


Control who enters and exits your sites
any time from any location
for added security .


Gain total control over site activity to maximize productivity and efficiency with automated solutions.


Make data-driven decisions by leveraging data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage in your business.

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IT management, network and computer system maintenance, VoIP, and high-speed wireless Internet.


Planning, staffing, infrastructure setup and system support in emergency situations.

Control Your Security Operations with Twenty20's Novus™ Platform

The Twenty20 Novus™ IoT platform delivers security measures on premises and in the cloud to ensure video is secure and encrypted with the highest reliability. A robust data warehouse with rich business intelligence and data analytic capability allows you to identify problems, make real-time decisions, analyze operations and bring predictability to your operations   


Twenty20's Products

Why Twenty20 Solutions?    


As a global provider of IoT automation and Artificial Intelligence enabled security technology, smart surveillance and access control solutions, Twenty20 will help you secure, automate and optimize your operations. From SCADA integration, object, facial and license plate recognition, counting and tracking, to PPE and thermal radar and gunshot detection, our solutions are fully customizable to your business needs.


Twenty20’s technology delivers data-driven business intelligence and analytics, enhances real-time decision making, and improves operational efficiency while minimizing risk and loss.



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CIOReview recognized Twenty20 Solutions as one of the 10 most promising Oil and Gas Solutions Providers for 2021.

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